multifunctional massager

multifunctional massager

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The rotating heads simulate the actual hand massaging.

You can enjoy a great massage anywhere, while working in the office, sitting at home or even while driving your car

✅ It has a car adapter so you can use it while driving

Relax and enjoy therapeutic heat and massage therapy to relieve pain, relieve cramps and warm the body during cold days.

The Manual Shiatsu Neck, Back and Shoulder Massager is based on the traditional Shiatsu massage. Suitable for full body massage. The massager is ideal for energetic and intense massage of the neck, shoulders, upper and lower back, hips, legs and calves.

An additional option is the heating function: Infrared lamps improve blood circulation, and the infrared rays penetrate deep into the tissues and help relieve pain in the area of ​​tense muscles.

Shiatsu Massager Mimics Hand Movements During Massage

➡️ High-quality, reliable shiatsu massager.
➡️ 4 rotating massage heads and heating function contribute to maximum pleasure and relaxation.
➡️ The massager penetrates deeply. In the muscles and releases tension from the body, using innovative technology to rhythmically perform gentle movements alternately on the left and right sides.
➡️ During the massage, the massager relaxes the muscles, accelerates blood circulation, reduces tension and pain and provides you comfort And the optimum pleasure you deserve.
➡️ Whether you are sitting, standing or lying down, simply place the massager on the painful area.
➡️ Suitable for massaging all parts of the body

Technical Features:

- 4 Deep Massage Massage Balls - Massage
For the neck, shoulders, back, lumbar, arms, legs, feet, abdomen... -
Relieves pain and tension and improves circulation Bloody and Relaxes Muscles
- The direction of the balls massage is adjusted in the desired direction
- Heating for a more comfortable and effective massage
- Automatically exits after 15 min

Get a shiatsu massage in the comfort of your own home. The massage heads inside the massager stimulate the feeling of true shiatsu massage and provide a relaxing massage. You can use it for pain in the shoulders, back, feet or abdomen.

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