pirate digital

pirate digital

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  • Pirate Digital Shaving Machine



  • The blade is smooth, sharp, and razor-resistant
  • It has an acute angle cutter and an acute angle cutter head
  • Safe and quick open R-corner design
  • The round cutter head fits the scalp without hurting the skin
  • The Silver Target 3.7V motor is powerful and the shave is the best.
  • Green lights come on when in use
  • Red lights flash when power is low, red lights turn green when fully charged
  • Simplified ergonomic design, comfortable grip.
  • Gently press the switch to meet the needs of hairdressing, making the operation more convenient.
  • Fall-proof housing material to prevent accidental falls.
  • Battery can last for about 100 minutes after fully charged) The specific usage time depends on the cleaning method and usage habits
  • Zero Corn can also be used for beard shaving, and the multi-purpose trimmer is convenient and fast

  • Warning

1- This product is not waterproof, please do not clean the body directly with water or store it in a damp place.
2- This product is limited to repair, human hair can not be used for any other purpose,
3 - Please check Check whether the blade has been damaged or deformed before using it.
4- Do not disassemble the hair clipper without permission
5 - During normal use, the machine may have a slight fever, which is a normal phenomenon, please rest assured to use. Input Voltage: 5V— (USB) Power: 3W Charging Time: 2H

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