One step and Tourmaline

One step and Tourmaline

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Hair dryer and styler

Tourmaline hair curler .2

Combination of hair dryer and brush, 3 in 1 hair dryer and styling brush. Suitable for wet hair. As a hair curler, curls have been formed, and give you a new hairstyle, hair dryer. The hair dryer brush locks into the cornea, reducing stitches, leaving hair soft and natural

All in One

Bumper brush from the Smoothing, Styler and Styler combo.

Unique Oval Design

Humanized styling, perfect fit the shape of the hair tail. Make It Better

Negative Ions

Makes it more shiny, which makes it excellent, which makes it excellent

Enjoy shiny hair instead of spending a lot of money on hairdressing or hair styling

Deal with negative ion technology, gyrus is small, very smooth, intense, glossy, and avoid drying

Suitable for all hair types: long, short, straight, straight, curly


Power: 50-60Hz
Voltage: 110-125V
Applicable Hair: Wet & Dry
Size: 34 * 8cm (13.5 * 3.1in)

This device allows you to achieve extremely smooth and shiny curly hair

Contains revolutionary tourmaline technology, perfect for creating perfect hairstyles

Tourmaline Technology: The tourmaline gemstone built into the device produces negative ions to promote hair balance and neutralize hair

The ceramic plates distribute heat evenly on the hair to provide the best results

Suitable for medium and long length hair

Leaves hair smoother, shinier, and easier to style

Enhances the effect of hair care products

Three Temperature Levels

180 - 200 - 220


Step 1: Spray with heat protection spray, then comb with a wide-tooth comb until completely dry.

Step 2: Divide the hair into 1-inch sections, which are secured with hair clips

Step 3: Select Desired Temperature High Temperature Light Hair Styling High Temperature Light Hair Styling Low Temperature Prevent Hair Damage

Step 4: The buckle is removed from the lower threads, then installed on the machine to be able to fix the design

Step 5: The page is adjusted, in the fifth, the space between the page and the device, to the last page, to the page, to the last page, to the top.

Step 6: Leave hair to cool down, then run fingers through hair for a smooth finish.

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