knife sharpener

knife sharpener

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Why do you need this product?

Knife sharpener is the most needed kitchen tool that almost every family needs.

After a long period of use, do you feel that your knives or scissors become too blunt?

No more dull blades! Buy Knife Sharpener and Sharpener It only takes a few seconds to make your sharpening knives and scissors brand new.

Fits all knives and scissors: Kitchen Knife and Scissors, Paring Knife, Pocket Knife, Butcher Knife, Chef's Knife, Meat Slicer, Grass Pruning Shears, Hunting Knife of all sizes.

Buy with confidence!

If you are not satisfied with our knife sharpener, please contact us at any time to help you.

How to use:

Slot 1 for the scissors: Open the scissors and put them into the slot, at the same time hold the sharpener firmly with the other hand. Push gently and repeat for 5 to 7 times. Sharpening is started when the scissors are pushed into the cylinder.

Stainless steel knives: the three stages are coarse, fine and ceramic. Put the knife into slot 2 and pull it toward you 3 to 5 times in one direction. Repeat in stages 3 and 4 for better results.

After all the above instructions, you will have a brand new knife/scissors.

Features and Details

Sharpening file for all types of blades.

Ease of use:

The knife sharpener has been meticulously designed to make it easy to use.

Simply place the knife on the cooler hole and pull back 5-8 times until sharper.

Note: For best effect, sharpen the knife in one direction only.

Ergonomic Handle Ergonomically designed handle provides a comfortable grip

Easy and ensures your safety

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